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Pastor Rob answered God's call of ministry on his life in November, 1988 and he began preaching the Word as an evangelist. In 1990 he and Cara answered the calling as Pastors in Cairo, West Virginia, where they served for ten years. In 2000, God had another mission for them, and they returned to evangelism, traveling from Georgia to Illinois. They held Word Conferences in different denominational churches, as well as doing radio ministry, reaching Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. In March, 2003 God brought them on staff with the Celebration Center where Rob served as the Assistant Pastor, and Cara as Director of the Nursery Department. In September, 2006, God blessed and entrusted Rob and Cara to become the Senior Pastors. Pastor Rob and Cara have been married for 26 years and have four children and one granddaughter.



Earth Aliens Children's Church is a Children's Church that kids want to be a part of! Earth Aliens reminds kids that we are in this world, but we are not of it!

Earth Aliens come together for an awesome time of worship, then we break into 3 groups (Junior Cadets- ages 4 & 5, Cadets- ages 6-9, and Senior Cadets- ages 10-12) where they learn about God in a lesson that is specifically designed on their level. We teach them the Word! From Scripture memorization to Bible lessons that build faith, Earth Aliens main purpose is to get the Word of God in kid's hearts! Our fantastic group of teachers and helpers have a heart to show kids who God is and why we should trust Him. We would love for you to bring your child and celebrate Jesus with us!

Children's Church Pastors - Ryan & Brianna Clegg

Senior Pastors - Rob and Cara Clegg


  Music Director - Gabbie Dye



Worship is giving due worth to God. We must not seek after and experience but seek after God. Psalm 22 says God inhabits the praises of His people. When we praise we create a throne, and the praise invites Him to come sit on the throne. Joining together in unity and worshiping God out of the abundance of our hearts opens a pathway to heaven.


Here at The Celebration Center of Belpre we desire to create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is welcome, and God inhabits His throne. Join us as we center our focus on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.



             Missions Director - Jeff Adams

Through our Missions Department, The Celebration Center has become a global church reaching people and families in the utmost parts of the earth. As Missions Director, Jeff Adams shares the vision for the future of evangelism. Following along with the Great Commission to give the Gospel to those in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8); we now will go into all the world making disciples and preaching the Gospel. It is God’s command that we do so, and together we are doing just that. Whether it be locally, in the tri-state area, across the nation, or around the world TCC will be there. Together with a partnership from IPHC we are part of the Word being spoken to those in 105 countries to date. Missionaries from all around the world are on the scene taking Jesus to the people. Not only is the Gospel taken around the world, but so is aide for those in need, funding for housing, building schools, child sponsorship programs, missionary support, and so much more. We ask for your prayers always for those who serve in the field everyday (available on our Links page), the people who are lost without Christ, and for our Missions Department as a whole.

Nursery Director -Kate Clegg:

The Celebration Center provides a loving, caring Nursery Ministry for infants to three years old during each of our regularly scheduled services. Your child's well-being and your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. We provide:

· Mature Supervision

· Christian Videos

· Snack Time

· Individual Ministry

· Sanitized Facilities

· Supervised Playtime

· Bible Lessons

· Loving Care


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