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The word, go, is an action word. It’s a verb that when we hear it puts to mind something in motion. It is time once again for our yearly GO offering. This offering is such an incredible opportunity to sow into something big. How big? So big that it goes around the world, and back home again. The GO! is certainly in an offering that is certainly in motion.


If you are not familiar with the GO! Offering then allow me to catch you up to speed. This offering is one that is given once a year, and it is one days wage. How simple is that? Something so simple, but yet powerfully effective. This offering is given to benefit all of the Missionaries in the field, as well as the work of Evangelism USA (EVUSA). It may seem to us that just giving one days wage once a year would not be that substantial; but on the contrary, when we all get together and do a little, suddenly the big appears. Remember the fishes and loaves buffet lunch that Jesus served up from a sack lunch which fed over 5000?

To really get an idea of how big this offering is with what it can do, there are a few examples that come to mind. When the devastating earthquake hit in Haiti, it was the GO that was there. The mass destruction and loss of life was an incredible tragedy; but the survivors needed help immediately. Because of the GO! Offering our Missionaries were able to get there to the epicenter and provide aid and services to those who were injured, lost, and hurting. The IPHC was able to beat almost every other agency to Haiti. We were able to get supplies and staff on the ground well before any government or organization; now that is a blessing. It is also one that could not have happened if the GO! Offering wasn’t there.


When devastation and destruction hit Japan and almost washed it away, the GO! Offering was there. By supplying funds to our people on site there enabled them to set up shelters, feeding houses, and medical aid to the victims. In addition, true for both cases, our people being there providing counseling to the survivors was something that was greatly needed. And because of examples of these, people see that there is someone who cares and is there to help them in their greatest time of need. Then, their eyes are opened to the love of Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom is grown with new believers.


With the GO! Offering Missionaries on the field do not have to dwell and toil over their sponsorship. Think about it: you are a Missionary, hundreds if not thousands of miles from home. You depend on people to always come through with their donations. For many reasons, sometimes that funding does not come through and people drop off from their commitment. That means that you now have no money coming in to do anything. That has to be a helpless feeling! Normally a Missionary would have to come off the field and stop working in order to raise more money, and the work suffers for it. However, with the GO! Offering that is completely avoided. The deficit is covered, the Missionary can stay on the field until their scheduled furlough time, and the work for the Kingdom continues as planned.


There is a vast amount of things this offering does around the world. But it also comes back home as well. Building new churches, training, helping the desolate, and so much more is accomplished right here in our back yard; all from the GO! Offering. This is fertile soil to sow your seed into.


GO! Offerings will be taken up as a congregation on September 13th. However, this doesn’t leave you out if you are not there. The offering will be accepted through the end of the year, so you have an opportunity to be bless and sow this great offering. Together we can accomplish great things. Bless you and I know your offering will be blessed as well. May His Kingdom be expanded in the world, and in your heart.

It's a Small World After All

Greetings to you, one and all. I pray you grace, blessings, and love abundant in your life; may His glory shine through you


You know, it is a small world (but I still wouldn’t want to paint it). When we think of the world at times it can seem as if it is infinite and there is

so much diversity  of people, places, and things; how could we ever be a global evangelistic church. And off the cuff, it sounds like way to

daunting of a task to ever pull off; but God…


If we step out there and really see the world for what it is, it doesn’t seem nearly as big of a task as we thought. When we put it all together,

the Lords will, the Holy Spirit leading the way, and our commitment of obedience; we can change the world. I like to think of it like this:


33% of the world is already a Christian, so right there, that’s 1/3 of the load gone automatically. In 6 countries there is 50% of the world’s population, so that narrows half of the world down to simply 6 countries, easily accessible. There could be a language barrier, however 42% of the world speaks only 6 languages, and 1.2B speak Chinese. That doesn’t seem that bad. And in the 10/40 window of the world 97% of the least evangelized people on the planet are right there. And don’t you know God has people on the ground serving, building the Kingdom. We have went from a globe to wander to narrowing it down to these areas, not forsaking the others, but making it streamlined of where the Gospel is needed the most. After that, do something about it.


                                                       To change the world it takes a Missions minded church, with Missions minded people who go boldly to save the lost. It matters not the capacity that you serve,    

                                                       it matters that you serve. Prayers, sponsorship, donations, mosquito nets, water wells, serving in other countries, or here; it is all Missions and all works

                                                       together for the Kingdom of God to be furthered.


                                                       But what does it take for a church to be Missions-minded? It takes 3 things: First, the church has to have a strong, active, forceful intercessory prayer group.

                                                       Second, a Missions-minded church is led by a Missions-minded Pastor. Third, a Missions-minded church gives sacrificially. I am so very proud to say that those

                                                       all three are in full effect at The Celebration Center.


                                                       Your prayers and our Intercessory team come together to petition God to make things happen as we stand up and say, “Here we are Lord, send us!” Pastor

                                                       Rob is Mission-minded as he has illustrated time and time again; most recently in his vision for our church and the people of Ecuador. Finally, you are a giving

                                                       church, and I know that you do so sacrificially. It may be of your time to volunteer at the fundraisers, it may be coming to the fund raisers, you may take that

                                                       extra half hour to pray for the Missionaries and their work, you may sponsor a child, or dig a well; all of these and so much more that you do is sacrificial; and

                                                       God sees it.


We are changing the world, all of us: one person at a time, one village at a time, one town at a time, one nation at a time…so really, when you think about it, I guess it is a small world after all.

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